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          Chris DePierro was born on New Years Eve in Christ Hospital in Jersey City, N.J. His parents were happy because he was tax deductable for that year. He grew up in beautiful West New York, N.J. with the New York City skyline as his backdrop in a typical middle class upbringing made up of family dinners, sibling fights and great friends. He attended St. Joseph's Catholic Grammar and High School. After 7 1/2 years and 3 state colleges (no, he's not a doctor), Chris graduated with a degree in his hands for public relations and then decided to pursue a career in video production.


He learned his trade at NVI on 17th St. in NYC and was eventually hired by NBC news and became one of the first producer/video editors in network news. DePierro's true passion, however, was acting.


Chris started acting in grammar school when he was chosen to say the line "Walk on Water?! in "The King and I". Soon after, he appeared on "Romper Room" for his first TV appearance. With these two huge credits on his resume, he decided to audition for Off-BWay.


He joined the cast of Tony and Tina's wedding in NYC, After 3 great years playing "Dominic Fabrizzi" and understudying "Tony", Chris decided to move on. DePierro brought his outrageous side to the stage when he performed the crazy role of "LANCE!" in the New York production of "Birdy's Bachelorette Party," He created and directed an interactive show called "CLUBWORLD," which is in the works to become a reality TV show. DePierro wrote the screenplay comedy "Miami or Bust" - the story of three Italian guys driving to Miami in 24 hours to win a bet - currently in Film Festivals.


Chris DePierro is an actor, comedian, writer and the co-Inventor of the JimmyBed, the space-saving, fully mobile, flip-up bed. DePierro developed the JimmyBed with partner, Michael Perri when the two actors were writing partners living in New York City in tiny apartments, and were inspired to create a solution for the lack of space...DePierro and Perri figured out a way to create space by flipping the bed up and attaching a workstation when upright.


DePierro has worked in shorts films, interactive/improv shows, hosting and theater. He is hoping that his "American Inventor" appearance will help secure funding to mass produce and market the JimmyBed. He is also looking for representation to further his performing career and is committed to finding a home for his radio show very soon. His family is very important to him and he finds inspiration for his life in his niece, Brianna and nephews, J.R. and Jake.


Casino Fortune Presents the Paris Hilton Look-A-Like Contest, 15 Feb 2006 [cached]

Serving as hosts will be actors, producers and now inventors Chris DePierro and Michael Perri soon to be seen on the new ABC television show "American Inventor" produced by Simon Cowell.


Chris DePierro is the co-inventor of the JimmyBed, The Space Saving, and Mobile Bed and will be featured on ABC's new reality show "American Inventor" this spring.He is an actor in and producer of Off-Broadway's "Birdy's Bachelorette Party", now in its 5th year at Culture Club and scheduled to open in Las Vegas this year.He is in preproduction on hisscreenplay comedy titled "Miami or Bust" and is working on an interactive/improv sitcom, CLUBWORLD. His production co., The FinalCut, is in its 17th year.

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